“Preparation and Promotion of Development Processes of the European Natura 2000 Network in Strandzha Mountain CB005.1.12.135

The project envisages the implementation of actions on research, transfer and adaptation of practices developed in the EU concerning the participatory identification, conservation, management and monitoring of important biodiversity areas and protection of biodiversity – this is valid for all activities for exchange of experience and enhancement of the expertise of the Turkish institutions, citizens, and NGOs in terms of NATURA 2000 establishment and management.

Activities promoting sustainability of natural resources, with specific focus on biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services will contribute to achieve balanced sustainable development built upon the key strengths of the cross-border region. The area that will be developed and promoted in the frame of the project is the Istranca Region which is a huge area located both in Turkey’s borders and Bulgaria’s.

In addition to the target area of the project, the activities will be conducted across the borders. Joint trainings, workshops and study visit will enhance exchanges between two cross-border regions. This common learning process will create a strong bond between experts and local stakeholders and thus between two countries.

The project is carried out in cooperation between Society “Nature Park Sakar” (coordinating beneficiary for the project in Bulgaria) and the Turkish organization DAYKO (associated beneficiary)