A disastrous white stork was rescued nearby village Generalovo, area of Svilengrad


In the peak of the winter, a disastrous white stork was accepted in Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre! The bird was rescued from an area around the river Maritza nearby Svilengrad, part of the network NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria.
After a medical check by the veterinaries in the Centre was concluded that the stork was very weak and had got a problem with one of the wings. 
This winter and in the last few years, the storks that stay behind during the winter are a common picture. More and more of those magnetic birds, that people make an association with the annual migration to Africa, prefer to spend the winter here. More and more often the white birds are sheltered during the winter season in Trakia plain, for example in Belozem- European village of the white stork in Bulgaria, at the Black sea coast or in other parts of Bulgaria!
Either because of the global warming, adaptation, evolution or other reason, the experts are still discussing it. The tradition with the Bulgarian Martenitza is facing a new challenge.

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Source "Green Balkans" NGO