About us

Who are we

Society "Sakar Nature Park " is a local NGO based in Levka village, Svilengrad Municipality, as the region falls within a SPA of NATURA 2000. Founders of the organization are local farmers, conservationists, and nature lovers. The Organization was established on 20.12.2013, reg. file № 38 of 2013, Haskovo Regional Court. The Society is register as a Public Benefit Organization according to the NLNPJE



The establishment of the Sakar Mountain as a nature park under the Bulgarian Protected Area Act as it is of national and European importance for preservation of natural habitats, endangered animal and plant species, as well as cultural and historical sites. 



  • Research, conservation, and restoration of the biodiversity of the Sakar Mountain;
  • Conservation of archaeological sites, historical landmarks, and natural attractions within the Sakar Mountain region;
  • Carrying out of informational and educational campaigns for local people and target groups, considering the environmental protection and sustainable development.