Society ”Nature Park Sacar” erected nest-boxes of the Lesser Kestrel in village Levka.


Society “Nature Park Sacar” has taken the initiative to make and erect 40 artificial nest-boxes of the Lesser Kestrel as per the latest methodology in the country, adopted by Green Balkans.
The model has been taken from a Spanish organization DEMA, part of a specialized project from the program LIFE of ЕС - LIFE-ZEPAURBAN, that is focused on improving the nesting conditions of the lesser kestrel in some settlements in Spain. The researches show that the rare kestrels get adapted extremely successful to the artificial nest-boxes and this is the main way to conserve the species as well as to increase their number
The houses are not made out of normal wood but some new building materials have been used with very good insulation properties. Thus it is going to provide extra comfort of the lesser kestrel by keeping them safe from rain and high temperatures during the summer in Sacar mountain.
The new homes for the feathered occupants were erected as a part of the project “You and Lidl for a better life of the Lesser Kestrel" to the Society “Nature Park Sacar”. The project is fulfilled due to the biggest social significant initiative of Lidl Bulgaria “You and Lidl for a better life” with a partnership of foundation Workshop for Civic initiatives foundation and the Bulgarian donation forum.
The project aims to help increase the number of the birds and their distribution in some new territories in the area of the protected zone “Sacar”- BG0002021 part of the ecological network NATURA 2000.  

For further information, please contact:
Stilyana Yaneva
Project coordinator
Mobile:  +359 878653841;